Catching up with AWE’s emerging artist-in-residence, Michael Khalil!

Michael Khalil, a person with short curly brown hair who is wearing sunglasses, tapes an activism poster to a metal pole along Riverside Drive.
Michael directs participants in the Studio to write down social issues that motivate them on a nearby whiteboard.
Michael tapes an activism poster that says “We have always been here” to a pole in Downtown Windsor.
A close-up of an activism poster that says “water is essential for all of us so let’s keep it clean and safe for all of us.”
Michael and his friend Batool excitedly look through a stack of activist posters.

About the Residency:



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Art Windsor-Essex

Art Windsor-Essex


Art Windsor-Essex (AWE) is a non-profit public art gallery that uses the power of art to open hearts and minds to new ideas. Change happens here.