Decay by Michael Khalil installed in Dry Goods Gallery

About the exhibition

A figure on a long green dress sits amid greenery. The figure’s body is human, but its face is the silhouette of a longhorn, and it has silhouetted dragonfly wings.
Michael Khalil, “An Omen of Beauty”. Featured in the exhibition “Decay”, 2022.

About the artist

A figure wearing overalls with long brown hair stands in a glowing forest. The figure’s face is covered by a black inky skull, and it has long black horns sprouting from its head.
Michael Khalil, “Faun”. Featured in the exhibition “Decay”, 2022.

About the Residency:

Three emerging artists from Windsor-Essex are set to complete a 3-month residency at Art Windsor-Essex over the course of 2022. The AWE Emerging Artist Residency is a paid opportunity for early-career artists in Windsor-Essex who want to learn, grow, develop, and show their art while engaging with the public in a series of community programs. In addition to creating new works of art in AWE’s Education Studio, the artist will create digital content and install an off-site window solo exhibition at the Dry Goods Gallery at 1012 Drouillard Road in Ford City.



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Art Windsor-Essex (AWE) is a non-profit public art gallery that uses the power of art to open hearts and minds to new ideas. Change happens here.