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2 min readJan 17, 2024

Here at Art Windsor-Essex, creativity has no age limit!

Participants are creating monoprints during a printmaking workshop led by artist Sandie Collins.

Meet the AWE Seniors Council

The Seniors Council is a collective of creative individuals committed to lifelong learning. This collective is not your average council; it’s a community of seasoned creators dedicated to lifelong learning (and having a blast while doing it!). Our seniors are not just participants; they have a say in what skills they want to learn. From painting with natural pigments to yoga, printmaking, acrylic landscapes, and candle-making, this innovative program is by seniors, for seniors.

Sophie Hinch (AWE) leads a guided tour of Sasha Opeiko: pixel/dust.

Designing Programs with a Purpose

The Seniors Council is all about skill-building, fostering meaningful conversations, and breaking down the walls of social isolation. Together, we’re on a mission to enrich the lives of local seniors by providing intellectually and creatively engaging activities. It’s not just about creating art; it’s about creating connections that span generations and bring the community closer together.

Council members and AWE Executive Director Jennifer Matotek receive a generous donation from Caesars Windsor Cares.

AWE’s Mission Unleashed

The Seniors Council’s purpose aligns with AWE’s broader mission — to harness the power of art to open minds and hearts to new ideas, perspectives and ways of thinking that inspire people to grow emotionally and intellectually. Together, they’re breaking barriers, inspiring fresh perspectives, and creating an atmosphere where everyone can enjoy and create art.

Stay tuned for upcoming workshops and remember: age is just a number, but art is forever!

The Seniors Council is supported by the New Horizons for Seniors Program, the Government of Canada, and Caesars Windsor Cares.



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